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  • LIVE Behind-the-scenes access: Get an exclusive look behind the easel as I share my thought process, tips, and techniques while developing my latest works. Gain insights that will fuel your own artistic journey and propel you towards greater progress and success.
  • Mastering foundational techniques: I'll guide you through setting boundaries and understanding values, edges, and colors in a way that enhances your confidence and skill in painting with LIVE Q& A for many of the sessions.
  • Learning from the masters through LIVE copies:¬†together we will discover how Master artists tackled issues of edges, values, and color in their works, and learn how to apply their techniques to elevate your own paintings.
  • A Community of like minded artists with common goals¬†who can support, encourage, and grow alongside one another¬†as they share¬†their work and exchange ideas.¬†Whether celebrating victories or navigating challenges, this is will be a space where we can all find inspiration and share authentically about our artistic journeys.

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 How to Capture Light and Convey Power in Your Paintings

Through CLEAR and CONCISE teachings on Edges, Values, and Color Temperature, DANIEL WILL TAKE THE MYSTERY OUT OF THE PAINTING PROCESS FOR YOU, enabling you to capture your subjects in all of their life, power, and vibrance.


Enjoy this trailer and get a taste of the detail and enthusiasm with which Daniel shares his knowledge in these 3 videos.



"Your work is so beautiful and your teaching method is the best I have had the privilege of experiencing.  Thank you so much for sharing all the information that you do!   Your new video Developing Dynamic Edges is excellent and I look forward to seeing the other two videos."   
Marion Guyre
Brenda R.
"Dan warmly welcomes you into his studio for this rewarding journey. His gift for teaching is evident throughout. I consider this to be superior to most other instructional videos that I have ever seen. The lessons are clear, well articulated and priceless.”
Allan Roza 


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Daniel's latest video, 

 "Composition and the Art of Picture Making"

Now Available!!!

In this video, Daniel leads you through the journey of Design and Composition with his comprehensive, concise, and accessible style. During this production, he develops a finished studio painting, guiding you through his compositional thought process from inception to completion. Once again, Daniel draws from and shares examples of Master’s work to instruct and inspire you, helping you to carry these principles into your own work.

2 hr. 44 min running time


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Have you felt that your paintings don't "Sing" with the same light and vitality that you are seeing on your subject?

With this bundle you will receive Daniel's teachings on Edges, Color, and Values.  You will benefit greatly from this suite of courses as he "Unlocks the Mystery" of seeing accurate relationships in these three critical and fundamental categories.  With Daniel's enthusiasm, warmth, and expertise, you will be drawn into a journey that will transform your paintings, giving them believability and power. STREAMING FORMAT ONLY.  Watch as often as you like from any device with purchase. Not downloadable.

Offer includes "Edges" , "Color," and "Values .  Each video is approximately 2 hours in length.

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Do your paintings feel "Flat" or lack the "Snap" that you had hoped to achieve?

I have found in my 35 years of painting, that accurate edge control is a key element in bringing paintings to life!  Join me as I share in detail the process of seeing and conveying these edges powerfully. STREAMING FORMAT ONLY.



Do you ever get stuck wondering what colors to use to bring life to your paintings?

Many students have walked up to me and said with a frustrated tone, "I don't get this warm/cool temperature business." It has been a learning journey for me as well.  Please allow me to clearly show you what to look for and how to discern and utilize color temperature to bring sparkle to your paintings. STREAMING FORMAT ONLY.



Do you want your paintings to capture a strong effect of light?

Did you know that accurate Value control is critical to achieving a convincing sense of light in your paintings?

In concise, yet very practical terms, Daniel explains the importance of accurate Values and the proper techniques to most accurately read and apply them for a powerful painting.  STREAMING FORMAT ONLY.




New Video Release!

Do you ever feel intimidated at the idea of painting a portrait from life?  

Join Daniel as he develops this portrait from start to finish, walking you through every thought and brushstroke with his usual warmth and enthusiasm.   

Follow along with Daniel as he efficiently carries you through the process while describing the key transitions from drawing through block in. He leads you through his process of creating beautiful transitions from light to shadow and demonstrates his use of contrasting thick impasto strokes with thin transparent tones to create passages that become "air and light." 

~ Learn the critical thoughts every artist must make before they pick up a brush!

1 hr. 20 min running time

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Compared to traveling to an in- person workshop, this course is a fraction of the cost, while learning from Dan in your own home.


Laney Haake

Dan, for an artist of your caliber to take time away from painting to teach others is such a blessing. I can only imagine what it might have been like to have painted with, or learned from, the likes of Sargent or Sorolla or Fechin back in the day but that’s how I feel being able to learn from you. You are one of the 'Sargents' of our time - so the opportunity to be able to learn from you is a true gift.

Mary Aslin

After having worked for months on my painting, I had stopped “seeing” it despite all the usual tricks for trying to analyze my work objectively.

Paired with his natural and genuine warmth and kindness, I came away from his teaching,  a better artist with a renewed vision, not to mention, greatly uplifted.

Michael Latala

I have watched many videos on painting the portrait and your material is by far the most informative and exciting. Every brush stroke, every color and everything you say reveals an important part of the creative process. You cover all the essentials that go into making a great painting, variety of edges and shapes, correct values, use of warm against cool to name a few.  You demonstrate that dedication, persistence and enthusiasm can carry you through a painting. 

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We are very confident that Daniel's teaching will help you grow and develop as an artist.

In his 30 years of instructing artists, he has helped so many take their works to new heights using the principles shared here. We feel certain that his instruction will do the same for you!