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"Through the Eyes of an Artist" Capturing Light and Conveying Power in Your Paintings... BUNDLE

Featuring over 6 hours of  Daniel's instruction. 

STREAMING FORMAT ONLY. NOT AVAILABLE ON DVD.  Not downloadable. (You may STREAM and enjoy the teachings for as often as you'd like with purchase.)

With this bundle you will receive Daniel's courses on Values, Color, and Edges.  You will benefit greatly from Daniel's suite of courses as he Unlocks the Mystery to seeing accurate relationships in these three critical and fundamental categories.  With Daniel's enthusiasm, warmth, and expertise, you will be drawn into a journey that will transform your paintings, giving them believability, power, and strength. As you combine the techniques and training Dan shares in these 3 courses, your artwork will come to life!

What you will gain from this course...

  • When you discover Dan's techniques in seeing, You will learn exactly how to view your subject and understand what information is critical to obtain to create a strong, confident painting.
  • Daniel will share proper techniques to set boundaries in reading Values , Edges, and Color in a relationally accurate way, allowing you to paint with more confidence.
  • Dan will teach how the “Masters” solved matters of Edges, Values, and Color in their paintings and share how you can implement their techniques, bringing lasting beauty to your works.  
  • NO MORE GUESSWORK... Through Daniel's lessons, you will know exactly how to handle Value, Edges and Color in your paintings.

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    (You may STREAM and enjoy the teachings for as often as you'd like with purchase.)