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Composition and the Art of Picture Making

2 hours 44 minutes run time

*video streaming format only

If you have benefited from and enjoyed Daniel’s teaching style, you will love his latest teaching presentation, “Composition and the Art of Picture Making”.

In this video, Daniel leads you through the journey of Design and Composition with his comprehensive, concise, and accessible style. During this production, he develops a finished studio painting, guiding you through his compositional thought process from inception to completion. Once again, Daniel draws from and shares examples of Master’s work to instruct and inspire you, helping you to carry these principles into your own work.

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Through this course you will understand how to capitalize on these principles and many others...

  • Learn the strategy of having an Aesthetic Goal before you begin your painting
  • Grasp the importance of  developing a strong Focal Point.
  • Discover how utilizing Contrast of edge, texture, value, finish, and color can create great excitement and variety in your paintings.
  • Learn how to Evaluate and identify if your composition is as strong as it could be.
  • Gain understanding on how to bring necessary Balance to your artworks.
  • Recognize the dangers of Tangents and learn how to eliminate them in your works.
  •  Develop techniques for using Diagonals and Leading Lines that invite viewers into your paintings
  • Understand Unequal, yet Balanced Spacing that will attract viewers into your compositions.
  • Spend time with Daniel in his studio discovering the tools and approach that he uses to design and create his own paintings.

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What People Are Saying:

Wow!! I just marathoned your - color/edge/values- videos. So inspiring! Thanks for creating a very approachable and info packed series. I can't wait to apply what I've learned.

Christie Kester

As a retired school teacher, I must also compliment you on the rapport you establish with your audience - I think effortless and engaging would describe it. You have the ability to instill a sense of ‘can do’ attitude in your pupils. Thank you.

James Richardson

Thank you so much for your videos! You've answered so many questions already...it's been fascinating!

Elizabeth Brown